Saturday, February 10, 2007

2nd call from youngest son!

While I was driving home from work on Thursday evening, and while I was heading to Missouri to fill up my gas tank, I received a call from Mr. Aaron! The connection from Lackland AFB was, again, very poor, so I had to pull over on 270 and put my finger in my other ear just so I could hear him! Anyway, I'm sorry I am just getting my remarks put on here. (I also got a letter from him earlier in the week, so this has been an awesome week for me!)

Aaron is still doing well! He has 3 weeks left, and he is trying VERY HARD not to get recycled. When you mess up, you run the risk of going back to the very beginning of your training. If that happens, than of course, his graduation date gets pulled back! He's trying to avoid this since he knows that many of us has already purchased our plane tickets for the first of March!

He said that many of his fellow soldiers are being recycled, so he is pushing himself hard to not make any mistakes! (Please pray for him!)

I had to update the address on the prior post because I, again, made a mistake!!! He told me that every time that he gets a letter that has his information wrong, he has to do 20 push-ups (per letter!) Goodness!

He also said that he hates making his bed! The specifics that they want him to make it, he says, is next to impossible, but he is getting it done! It has to be pulled very tight.

Again, because he is underweight, he gets to eat more than the other guys there, AND they make him drink a can of Ensure between meals. He says that he is eating everything on his plate, yet the poor guy still isn't gaining any weight; BUT he does feel stronger, which is a good thing! I wish I had the problem of a highly efficient metabolism!!!

He is also going to church, which makes me very happy! He said that it's like a vacation to go to church! *grin*

He does NOT like PT (physical training) and he's aching terribly - poor, little guy!!!

Of course, you know he said he misses his computer big time! *laughing* I am not surprised he said that! Oh, also he said that when the other guys were reading their letters from home, many were crying. I asked him if he was homesick, and he said no, not really! He said that he thinks maybe it's because I am not making my letters to him sad enough! *shaking head and laughing*

Next week he gets to go through "warrior week" and that's where they do their obstacle courses. I think he said that he was looking forward to it!

Anyway, he seems like he is happy and healthy, and I know he is glad that he has gone through it. He also said he is thankful and very happy to receive your mail of encouragement! I am also very thankful to all of you who are taking the time to encouraging him! You have no idea how much that means to me! (((hugs)))

19 more days until I get to hug and kiss him again!!!


Blogger strem said...

I can't wait to hear news of the obstacle courses! I would like to experience one and see how I would do... but not in the circumstances in which Aaron is currently! Praying for both of you - and Brandon.

Tue Feb 13, 02:46:00 PM  
Blogger John Boanerges Redman said...

Reaching out to blogspoters who mention Shaped Notes and MIGHT come to the National Convention in B'Ham the Thurs, Fri, and Sat B-4 the 3rd Sun in June. There IS hospitality. I stay with the Smiths, Gary and Sarah. I help pass the plate. Say "Hi" to me.

John Redman

Fri Feb 22, 01:55:00 PM  

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