Sunday, October 12, 2008

Garage sale...

In the past, I have sure enjoyed going to garage sales and rummaging through other people's unwanted items. I do NOT enjoy giving a garage sale. The last time I gave one was... well, 17-years ago when I was going through a divorce. It was no fun then, and it isn't any fun today.

I have been spending the last week cleaning my garage out. I didn't have a lot of items in there, but what was in there was covered with years of dirt since I rarely close my garage door (the mechanism had been broken). I purchased a power washer last week, and I could not believe how dirty the garage floor was - YUCK! It did get up a lot of greasy stains from my boy's old clunkers, but it'll get better when I power wash it again. Brandon and I sealed the driveway yesterday (Saturday) so the driveway looks great!

Today I have been cleaning out my boy's bedroom (my baby birds only took what they wanted when they flew the coup!) *looking around* *shaking head*

I think the sheer volume of items that I have collected over all these 17-years is one of the main reasons why I dislike it so much. Part of it is saying good-bye to memories associated with certain toys or books and such that I have enjoyed with the boys. The other part of it is that it's just a lot of work moving items away from the house.

The ONLY good thing about this garage sale is that it really feels like a fresh start, again, for me... but this time, it's a fresh start and a new life with my best friend!


Blogger lydia said...

This is very sweet, Sister Sandy. I'm so happy for you and thankful to God for blessing you with such a wonderful, God-fearing man. It's a privilege and great blessing to be married to such a man, I know because I'm married to one! ;)

Fri Oct 24, 11:07:00 AM  

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