Wednesday, November 05, 2008

It's a sad, sad day...

I have been trying to shake this cold/flu for the past several days, so again, I went to bed early last night. My son called at 10:30 PM to let me know that McCain has conceded and the news sources are all claiming that Obama has won. I was hoping that by the time I woke up, the REST of the ballots would be counted.

What a terrible thing to wake up to... President-elect Obama. Well, our country is going to get what they want. GOD help us all.

Edited to add: I went to the doctor today, and I have strep... yes, STREP! I am on antibiotics, so I am hoping that I will be back in the loop in a few days. This is SO not the time to get sick.


Blogger su said...

Hi, I am a member of the Primitive Baptist Church here in New Orleans, and I was just curious as to why you "dislike" New Orleans?

Sun Nov 30, 09:30:00 PM  
Blogger strem said...

More Posts! More Posts! More Posts! (Pretty please?)

Mon Dec 01, 04:44:00 PM  

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