Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Vote NO on Amendment 2...

One week from today, Missouri voters are being asked to vote on an initiative called Amendment 2. The embryonic stem cell issue is heating up.

After studying the amendment and reading the pros and cons, I am convinced that there is some creative writing going on here, and this amendment will leave much room for interpretation, which could lead to some very crafty loopholes.

Here are two good articles (article 1) and (article 2) that describes why I do NOT agree with this initiative. I am asking folks to not totally buy into embryonic stem cell research until you have read up on it.

I can understand the emotional firestorm stem cell research has opened up. I am not totally unsympathetic to it, as I want cures to be found with this research.

I'm sorry Michael J. Fox has Parkinson's disease. I hope a cure opens up for him, but not at the expense of human embryos. At the same time, I believe it's wrong to mislead citizens to thinking that the only way to find cures to illnesses is by looking at embryonic stem cells. This is leading folks down the wrong path. Adult cord blood is also stem cell, and there is research that shows that this is just as good or even better. I believe this is where the "private" research should continue. Our tax dollars should NOT make it a constitutional right to pay for embryonic stem cell research, because the language loopholes could eventually lead to cloning. Yes, cloning!

For those who are voting in Missouri next Tuesday, please watch this video that should give everyone pause to what we are voting for, to what this is actually about, and WHY you should NOT vote for it.

We are unfortunately riding the slippery slope of misinformation, and I urge each voter in Missouri to not buy into the proponent's play on emotions. Don't get sucked into the celebrity factor. Be informed...

We must not play GOD.

Monday, October 30, 2006

To a land where joy will never end...

Dear Miss Lydia... now I have this song stuck in my head, and now it just won't walk away quietly! I am hoping to infect y'all with this great tune! I'll put "Nothing But The Blood" for Miss Tressa another time! =)

SONG ON MY MIND: Sister Lydia, bless her heart! She allowed me to peek into this CD from Jars of Clay. So far, I am loving it! The songs are different from what we sing at church, but they are all very enjoyable to sing to. This is a blessing to me, and the praises to God makes me happy! Thank you for sharing this with me!

I'LL FLY AWAY - Jars Of Clay

I'll fly away, oh glory, I'll fly away
When I die, hallelujah by and by, I'll fly away

Some bright morning when this life is o'er, I'll fly away
To a lands on GOD's celestial shore, I'll fly away

When the shadows of this life have grown, I'll fly away
Like a bird from these prison walls, I’ll fly, I'll fly away

Oh, how glad and happy when we meet, I'll fly away
No more cold iron shackles on my feet, I'll fly away

Just a few more weary days and then, I'll fly away
To a land where joy will never end, I'll fly away

Purchase your copy of this CD HERE!

Here kitty-kitty...

Cats are just so funny! *snort* I could watch cat videos all day long!
It's too bad that I am so allergic to them, because I want one so badly! *meow*

Puppies are just so adorable! (It's too bad I am allergic to them, too!)
WAAH! I want him! Look, he's smiling!

I'm so deprived...

Saturday, October 28, 2006

Don't forget to "fall-back" tonight...

Mood: Tired

Daylight Savings time ends tonight to those of us who are forced to practice it. If I had it my way, I would keep the Daylight Savings time year-around. You crazy kids in Arizona are lucky to not have to mess with the practice!

Don't forget to "fall-back" one-hour tonight at 2:00 AM. It seems to me the only benefit of reverting back is: One can get one more hour of sleep... YAAY!

Starting next year, there will be some changes to this practice. You can see them here along with some very interesting facts. *yawn*

Friday, October 27, 2006

Congratulations to the St. Louis Cardinals...

Mood: Ecstatic!

Wow! What can I say other than what an amazing game! What an amazing series!!! I think each player did such a great job, and each one of them really showed their strengths.

David Eckstein is an awesome batter, fielder, and just an amazing player; he deserves the MVP! Good for him!

Yadier Molina... He really stepped up, and I am so proud of him; he's our new hero! Jeff Weaver and Adam Wainwright were both just awesome!

My only beef is... I wish Belliard would just keep his freaky tongue in his mouth and Duncan would keep that nasty and disgusting chew in his mouth. They both are redeemed only because they played pretty good. Other than that, BOTH OF THEM JUST GROSS ME OUT!!!

My hat is off to the Detroit Tigers - even with the errors, they did an awesome job. I truly felt sorry for very young, obviously nervous, Justin Verlander. I think in time, he'll mature to be a fantastic pitcher. Brandon Inge is an all-around, all-amazing player. I love watching him play. Sean Casey is awesome... just awesome! They all are really great players! Thumbs down to Kenny Rodgers who is 41-years old and should know better. Nobody respects a liar.

Congratulations to Tony LaRussa and Jim Leyland; they are both the epitome of class. Thanks to my Mom, who is never a fair-weather fan (like some of us are!) She loves her St. Louis Cardinals and always believes they are going to win. This win should be for you, Mom!

Edited: I wanted to add that the only way this game could have been better would have been if the legendary Jack Buck would have announced this; I sure miss his voice and his enthusiasm.

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Happy birthday, dear Anna...

Mood: Reminiscent and happy *lighting candles*

Today is Anna-Maria's 41st Birthday... She finally caught up with us all! YAAY! Yes, technically you will ALWAYS be younger than us... but you aren't running too far behind! You share a birthday with another retiree friend of mine from work, Bob (Happy Birthday, Bob! *waving*)

Anna (Buzz) is a dear, dear friend of mine, who I will ALWAYS consider one of my "bestest" friends. Staci (Space), another dear friend of mine, introduced Anna to me back when we were... 13? I'll never forget it either. While I was swimming, she and Space pulled up on their bicycles to the Roxana Pool, and she was in a tube top and shorts. She immediately reminded me of Rosanna-Rosanna Danna of Saturday Night Live because of her thick, long, wild hair! She just finished St. Bernards and was going to be transferred to Roxana Jr. High. She was pretty and very sweet, and we got very close during our Jr. and Sr. High school years.

Even though we don't talk anywhere near the amount that I would like to now, which is practically nothing, it's not because I don't want to. It's nice when we do, because we pick up right up where we left off last. Know that you are always in my thoughts.

Thank you, Anna, for all the fun and wild times you have showed me. Thank you so much for being friends with me. If it wasn't for you and Staci, I truly think I would have gone crazy, considering the kinds of things I was facing as a dorky teenager in a very unstable home. Thank you for all of our macaroni and cheese pig-out fests that we had at your house. I still get "fluh" thinking about it! Thank you for walking with me everywhere in our "tennie treads"! Thank you for letting me experiment on you by perming and chopping your hair, which verified to me that I would never be a good beautician. Thank you and Staci for helping me swap out the front windshield of my Mom's Maverick after... umm... ahem... Staci wrecked it going to Sumner's party. (No, I'll never let you forget that, Space!) It was my fault, because I let you drive it when you didn't have your license yet. We sure were a bunch of awkward, goofy 16-year olds, weren't we?) HA!

The weird thing is that, while we were always dreaming about our future boyfriends/husbands, I had always hoped that when we all got married, we could possibly live next door to each other and watch each other's children grow up. It's sad to me that we never made that happen. It's even more sad to me that we hardly keep in touch. I can blame a number of things, but it doesn't matter. Over the years, I haven't been a very good friend to you or Staci, and I am sorry about that. I hope you will forgive me in time. Grandma told me that this was going to happen, and I didn't believe her at the time. In fact, I got quite upset at her and told her that she was unequivocally wrong, and that we were "bestest" friends, and what right did she have to say something so awful to me? *head hanging in shame* She was right, and I was just being my usual ignorant self with my skewed rose-colored-glasses. *sigh* I hope she has since forgiven me, God rest her beautiful soul.

I still hope that maybe we can all retire close by each other so we can enjoy each other's grandchildren. Is it possible? I know you loathe Illinois, but I think you could stand Georgia! It's beautiful... I swear! =)

Dear, dear Anna. Happy 41st Birthday, and GOD bless! I hope all of your birthdays are sweet and that you and your hubby, Levi, and Sarah, have fun tonight! I don't know if Greggory or Anthony are there or are in Illinois, but I hope they are helping you celebrate. I miss you...

With much love...

Edited: Adding to view Anna & Scott's auto repair business -->>HERE!

Horrifying dream...

Mood: Uneasy feeling, disconcerting fear

I know I shouldn't be fearful of dreams. Thankfully, I don't normally have many ominous dreams, however, just a little while ago, I woke up to a horrible nightmare that involved apparitions, and it included my loved ones from home and from church. I don't want to go into it, but know that it felt absolutely real. *shudder* I am hopeful that this dream will go away in time, even though the memory of it feels like it's seared in; it left me pale and feeling weak. Thankfully, Brother Marty (GOD bless you!) was able to calm me down and pray for me, and what a comfort that is to me. If this is evil attacking me, I ask everyone to please pray for me.

Saturday, October 21, 2006

The calm inside me...

As I read the lyrics below from the striking Sarah McLachlan, I am reminded about how much this song from her debut "Fumbling Towards Ecstasy" CD reminds me of the way I have felt all of my life. This song and much of her music defines me. It's hard to explain.

I love the vivid imagery Sarah creates in her lyrics. When I am listening to her music, it wouldn't be unusual to see me close my eyes and get caught up in the loveliness of her music and her hauntingly unique and passionate voice.

GOD has given this elegant and free-spirited artist a rare gift. She is truly a talented singer/songwriter and an equally gifted musician. Here's the video that started my whole journey with this beautiful artist. Here's a more recent video that speaks about my life.

SONG ON MY MIND: This song, ELSEWHERE, is just one of many, many songs that I have enjoyed from Sarah. I hope you enjoy this song and video.

ELSEWHERE - Sarah McLachlan

I love the time and in between
The calm inside me...
In the space where I can breathe
I believe there is a distance I have wandered
To touch upon the years of...
Reaching out... and reaching in
Holding out... holding in

I believe...
This is heaven to no one else... but me
And I’ll defend it as long as
I can be... left here to linger in silence
If I choose to
Would you try to understand?

I know this love is passing time
Passing through like liquid and...
I'm drunk in my desire
But I love the way you smile at me
I love the way your hands reach out...
And hold me near...

I do believe...

Oh, the quiet child awaits the day when she can break free
The mold that clings like desperation
Mother, can’t you see...
I’ve got to live my life
The way I feel is right for me?
Might not be right for you, but it’s right for me... Ooh

Would you understand it?
Would you try?

You can purchase her music here.

Monday, October 16, 2006

Let the supernatural take hold...

Okay, so I have featured Michael Tait and Toby McKeehan. At some point, I will feature Kevin Max, but until then, I would like to recognize one of the most influencial Christian bands that I have ever had the good fortune to be exposed to.

Back on October 1, 2006, I explained how my youngest son was quite the fan of DCTalk, and somehow, he just knew that I would love this type of music. He knows me all too well!

Since then, I have to rank them right up there with my all-time favorite artists, David Bowie and Tal Bachman. Their heart-felt harmonies and beautiful lyrics just take my breath away. You may sometimes catch me awashed in peaceful bliss as I am listening to them. I wish their "intermission" would finish soon, so they could get back to writing. When they are together, it's magic!

SONG ON MY MIND: This song, RED LETTERS, from DCTalk means so much to me. The very FIRST time I heard it... I fell in love. When I was ever down, this song would lift me up and my heart would just sing with joy!


Pages... filled with a holy message
Sealed with a kiss from heaven
On a scroll long ago...
Phrases... words that were bound together
Now have the power to sever
Like a sword evermore...

Heed the words divinely spoken
May your restless heart be broken
Let the supernatural take hold...

There is love... in the red letters
There is truth... in the red letters
There is hope for the hopeless...
Peace and forgiveness...
There is life... in the red letters
In the red letters...

One Man... came to reveal a mystery
Changing the course of history
Made the claim he was God...
Ageless... born of a Virgin Mary
Spoke with a voice that carried
through the years
It's persevered...

What You say... moves me
Revelation... Come and take me
The more I look [the more I look]
The more I see [the more I see]
The Word of God [the Word of God]
Is what I need

Oh yeah, it's the book of love

Speak to me, breathe in me new life
Let Him in your heart

You can purchase their music here.

Friday, October 13, 2006

It's been 2-years ago today or Sunday

It's very strange; My email that I downloaded from CM says the 15th, however my email notes state that it was the 13th. Whichever date it was, it's been 2 lovely years now since we have been formally introduced, and what a wonderful 2-years it has been!

I'll never forget that first sweet email I received from Brother Marty. He didn't know me, but he read my profile on CM. My profile was enough for him to send me a few sentences of encouragement, and thus starting one of the sweetest friendships I have ever known.

I would like to publically declare my thanks to this wonderful man:

Thank you so much, my dearest Marty, for being a great friend to me. Thank you for listening to me during my good times and bad. Thank you for spending the time, opening up, and sharing your heart with me. Thank you for sharing your life with me and allowing me to get to know your family. Thank you for teaching me GOD'S word and helping me make sense of it. Thank you for leading me to CHRIST. Thank you for introducing me to all of my PB family and helping me find my church. Thank you for your words of wisdom and honesty. Even though you hate talking on the phone, thank you for spending SO much time on it for me! Thank you for all of your great emails. Thank you for the long walks, long swims, long drives and sharing the love of nature with me. Thank you for all your sweet affections. Thank you for sharing my passion for music, singing, spreadsheets, dreams and the beautiful skies. Thank you for all of your wonderfully corny jokes, word games, possible inventions, genius, good laughs, and for your great sense of humor.

Thank you for giving me the greatest gift ever - your time.

Even though you are physically so far away, your memories linger here with me inside of my heart every minute of every day. I can't wait to see you next!

This INFP loves my INTP with all my

May GOD always richly bless you...

Dedicated to Smarty...

I can't say enough about this gifted Canadian's music. I was once literally obsessed with Tal Bachman's self-titled first CD... 2-years worth of listening to his music night and day. Day and night. I know my boys hate this CD only because I subjected them to this so-called torture practically every minute of their waking hours. If I wasn't listening and singing to the CD at home, I was listening and singing to it in the car. If was I wasn't listening and singing to it in the car, I was listening and singing to it at work. Seriously.

You might know Tal's music because he had an awesome song out back in 1999 called SHE'S SO HIGH. This song is the reason why I purchased this CD to begin with, however I had no idea how this album would affect me - nearly every song on it is just... wonderful! BESIDE YOU is one of those all-out, great, romantic love songs that I could listen to over and over and over again... it reminds me of my tender relationship with Brother Marty.

SONG ON MY MIND: This song that I am sharing with you is a sweet, sweet song. I am dedicating this to Marty for our treasured 2-years together.

BESIDE YOU - Tal Bachman

Throughout the passing years...
As all the world seems ever-changing
We share the smiles and tears...
Of life... with love that's so far ranging

And after all is said and done...
I'll be the one... beside you
I'll be your love and loyal friend...
Until the end... beside you

Each flower bends with time...
Each leaf descends with every autumn
But you and I will find...
Our love won't die or be forgotten

When you and I are grey...
When youth has gone... and life is dimming
I promise that I'll stay...
Beside you... like we were beginning

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

My recent email...

Since there is going to be a lot of news coverage regarding the possible lay-offs and very real instability of our company, I'll keep you all informed of the situation when I hear more. Whatever the outcome of MY job situation, I just wanted to emphasize to everyone that EVERYTHING is going to be okay. I know that GOD has always been there for me and supported me by having this job. This job helped me provide for my boys when they were growing up, and I am thankful I had it. Now that they are young men, and they have jobs of their own, I am not scared like I use to be. They can provide for themselves now, and my job is done.

I am concerned that others are going to be worried about me, so please don't! I am not worried about this at all. I always knew that this job wasn't my life's purpose anyway. I also know that am in good hands...

I Peter 5:7
Casting all your care upon HIM; for HE careth for you.

GOD is SO good... right, Sister Teresa? =)
FYI - This is not just going to be happening to us. All regulated electric/gas utilities in the Illinois area will be affected. Read to review: 10/09/06 news release, and FAQ, and our site regarding post 2006

Michael Madigen is shooting himself in the foot. When this all plays out, and the dominos fall where they may, he will have a huge fall-out, because this is not just going to affect employees. On top of that, bankruptcy touches many businesses as well as retiree's pensions. That's okay, because he is going to get what he wished for. I, for one, won't feel sorry for him.

Monday, October 09, 2006


Okay, it's time for a new song. I'm sure you are all tired of LOVE MY WAY. Maybe not, but oh well, it's time for a new song.

This song is from a former DCTalk member named TobyMac. He was the hip-hop member of the group. Actually, this particular song is from TobyMac's latest CD, however all 3 DCTalk members are singing on it, so it's almost as if this is a DCTalk song! They all have myspace accounts now! For guys my age, they are all pretty hip (not like me, who DOESN'T WANT a myspace account!) Take a look at Toby McKeehan, Kevin Max and the wonderful Michael Tait's cool digs!

Normally I don't like rap. I like rap ONLY whenever there is also singing present. I also like rock-n-rap. This is a beautiful song to me. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. You can purchase this CD here!

SONG ON MY MIND: This song came to mind whenever I added my list of those to be prayerful over. There are so many who need our prayers, as life can be so challenging in so many ways. I'll always try to keep this list up-to-date. Let me know if you would like me to add someone's name on there, as I would always want to be mindful of those who need God's comfort.

ATMOSPHERE - Toby McKeehan, of DCTalk

I know you keep a journal… And every page is rippled
From the tears that you cry… Ain't no meaning to your scribble

Cause words can't describe… what you've been feeling inside
It's like thousand foot walls… and they're still on the rise

But look up… to a beautiful sound
And see for yourself… you're not that far down

And know this… I can not love a little
My promise to you is unconditional

And I'll keep the light on… for you
Just keep the course… you can weather the storm

I'll keep the light on… for you
You've come this far... don't you ever lose heart, now

Just turn around… and I'll be there
I'm moving into your atmosphere

I know you're all alone in a crowd full of friends
I can see it in your eyes… that you’re fading again

Checking out… moving into your hole
Where the light can't touch… any part of your soul

But hold up… and let the river rush in
You can turn around… and start living again

Cause your life… is a beautiful bloom
In the image of the One... that created you

I'll be there…

Said I'll be there, said I'll be there
Said I'll be there… always, forever

A bug caught me...

I originally thought I was having allergy spells, but I realize that last night I caught a cold, or should I say, it caught me. I haven't had a cold in a while, and last night, with my nose running like a sieve and me coughing and sneezing my head off, I didn't think I was ever going to sleep. I was lucky, however, to have a couple of hours.

I cannot take antihistimines, because I get an allergic reaction to it when I take it. I get gout in my thumb when I take antihistimines. It's the strangest thing... the skin on my thumb actually falls off to the point that I don't have a fingerprint. The rawness of my thumb, with the skin peeled off, hurts terribly. I hope to never experience that ever again.

After I ate last night, I did take a couple of zinc lozenges, so I am hopeful that will help me some. In the meantime, I am going to rest and read. Hmmm... I wonder if I have any chicken soup in the pantry. I think I am going to make some hot green tea, too. Maybe I can get Brandon to run and get me some Vitamin C enriched OJ before he goes into work.

So that I don't infect my co-workers, I took off work today. At some point, I am going to try to get connected to my workdesk from my youngest son's computer. I have been unable to connect there since my computer crashed.

Between this and some other health issues I am going through, please keep me in your prayers. Thank you...

Sunday, October 08, 2006

Fashion mis-step...

Aye carumba! A senior moment. I experienced one today! It's LEATHER that, or I am the queen of dorks! I inadvertently tried to make a fashion statement at church, and I truly wasn't trying to SHOE off! Instead of being a fashion plate, I made a HEEL of myself. I could just KICK myself! Anyway, I imagine you know what this is SOLE about now... I've only done this twice in my life. TOE times is enough for me! It's all so POINTED, but it is what it is.

My dear sister, Jan, did this last year... so I imagine she will know right away! The last time I did this (several years ago), I had to RUN to a meeting from home, and my colleague had witnessed me in this sad condition. He CALFed so hard, I thought he was going to wet his pants! He can laugh and RUN over me when I retire.

I just have EGG all over my face. Oh wait, that's another blog. Sorry 'bout that!

Totally undone...

I have a pretty, little neighbor, about my age, who lives right next door to me. She has twin teenage daughters and a son about my oldest son's age. This woman never talks to me. When I see her out at Wal-Mart or just anywhere, I always say, "Hi!" to her. She always looks down and pretends that I don't exist. I know she can hear me, because I say it loud enough and smile (like I always do).

I have been at this residence for 11-years now. She and her now former husband were there in the neighborhood before me. The older woman who lived here before I purchased the house had told another neighbor next to me a story about them. This younger woman's husband pulled up her metal fence one year, because he was building a deck in the back, and... well, he didn't ask this older woman if he could. This was HER fence! He then proceeded to build a look-out tower for the kids, and that encroached on her property. Because her husband was ill, and she was busy taking care of him, this older woman didn't say anything. After her husband died, she just chose not to say anything because she knew she was going to move away at some point.

Yes, I am getting to my point! This is my issue: Last week, I DO remember my neighbor mowing the grass in the back. She is a petite and pretty little thing, and I had never seen her mow the grass before; her son has always had done it (or her husband at that time). I shrugged it off, and I got in my car to go... somewhere; I can't remember now.

When I came back, I noticed that my taller grass had a line cut out of it from my driveway, and it went clear to her yard. I didn't think of anything at that point other than, "Goodness, the boys need to mow this grass!"

Well, I said something to my youngest son. I asked him if he had planned to mow the grass, and why didn't he finish the yard (referencing to the line of mowed grass in our yard). He said that he didn't mow the grass, but he will that day. Again, I shrugged it off.

Later that day, youngest son told me that the tank was almost empty, and that he thinks that my neighbor used our lawnmower (without asking!) I was... shocked, to say the least. Hello? Hello?! Bueller?! It made sense, though. It looks as though someone started the lawnmower at our driveway, and then cut clear across our yard, and then mowed the next door neighbor's lawn! The whole thing didn't register with me until we talked about it (Okay, so I'm kinda slow...!)

I had already decided that I won't say anything to my neighbor, and that I will keep my garage close from now on. If I think about it, I'll try to lock the back garage door, too. It is just so inconvenient to do so. Brother Marty confirmed my thoughts on this matter, thankfully. Basically, I decided that she must have really needed the mower... maybe theirs broke down, or maybe they didn't have the money to get gas in their own mower. I would like to give her the benefit of the doubt. But the fact that she didn't ASK me was the weird thing.

The last time I spoke with this woman was... 11-years ago! I was the new homeowner and neighbor. She brought me into her home to show me her newly renovated home. I never did have an issue with her, but soon afterwards, she just ignored me like I was invisible. Her kids do me the same way, too. It's just very bizarre. It use to bother me, because I wondered if I had offended her in some way. Now it doesn't bother me. She just doesn't want to speak to me; I can deal with that. Worse things could happen!

I did ask one of her teenage daughters, recently, after that last major storm in July, if everyone was okay. She said they all were, and that her Mom was coming home from work soon. I was relieved that they were okay... and that she could actually see me.

Anyway, I was just wondering if anyone else had an experience like this, and if they did, how did they handle it? Should I have handled this differently? Should I have confronted her and state, "Listen woman, next time you need to borrow something, ask me first!" ?! I am looking forward to all of your answers.

Like Aaron stated, "At least she could have started the lawnmower in her yard; we would have never known!"

I am just perplexed... I just can't imagine being so bold. *scratching head*

Saturday, October 07, 2006

Musically, I'm all over the board today...

Today I have not been getting a lot of things done, as I have been listening to a lot of David Bowie, Kenny Wayne... Stone Temple Pilots and now Psychedelic Furs. I'm all over the board today. Everything just seems really interesting to me, and I sure love YouTube. This site just helps satiate my music cravings. If you haven't had a chance to look at any videos from there, please feel free to see my YouTube. I have started adding quite a bit of video clips that I had collected over the years.

I have enjoyed the 80's English band Psychedelic Furs, with their classical 80's pop-sound, from the very beginning. Okay, maybe not the VERY beginning, as I was only 13 when they started out. But when MTV came aboard, I was totally intrigued with Richard Butler's singing. He is not the best singer, but I think he is an interesting vocalist...very distinctive. Of course, if you haven't realized yet, I also have a fascination for Indie music. He and his brother, Tim, and guitarist, John Ashton, are the heart and soul of Psychedelic Furs.

When Richard Butler and his group disbanded, he started a new group called Love Spit Love. Strange name, I know! Anyway, their music ROCKED! I was sad to see that group break up after only 2 CDs. LSL's guitarist, Richard Fortus, is from St. Louis!

The only good thing was that after 10-years, the Psychedelic Furs came back, and I was fortunate to see them LIVE at the Pageant in St. Louis 04/28/01 - YAY!!!

Here are some of the interesting clips I have been watching:

LOVE MY WAY - Psychedelic Furs (This started it all!)
ALL THAT MONEY WANTS - Psychedelic Furs
WAKE UP - Love Spit Love

If you are thinking abour purchasing anything from the Psychedelic Furs, please visit this site!

Friday, October 06, 2006

And she turns 40...

My cousin, Tina, who lives in Nashville, TN, turns 40 today! It's hard to believe that she (and my sister, Kristina-san, who just turned 40 in September), are now in the company of us 40-somethings!

Now I know that there are many folks here that are just still wet behind the ears, but that's okay. You're going to catch-up real soon... I can't believe how fast my time on this earth is going by. Before you know it... a decade will just zipped on by.

I use to think that 40 was old. That's so funny to me now because inside, I feel like I am about... 20-25. I'm sorry to say that my body doesn't look like that, but I sure feel that way.

I'm sorry, Tina, that I don't keep in touch with you like I should. I am not a very good cousin. I will try to do better in the future. In fact, all of my cousins... I want to try to do better about keeping in touch. I know that this is not a good enough excuse, but life just sort of gets in the way of what I really want, and I am really sorry about that.

In the meantime, Tina Marie, please have fun today... Reminisce of all the good times in your life, and know that you have a lot of family and friends who love you. I pray that God continues to shower you with many, MANY enjoyable days/weeks/months/years.

Speaking of which...

I changed the song so we can hear the beautiful voice of Josh Groban... I'm sorry I only seem to be adding songs on here that are sad. I don't mean to, but they seem to be the ones that are on my mind. Also you might notice that I enjoy posting the lyrics while I am listening to the song. The lyrics to me are like poetry... I just enjoy them so much. This song just fills me with sadness, because it speaks of regrets and longing.

Here's a little personal story to back-up this song:

Again, years ago, my youngest son, Aaron, got me loving the group Linkin Park because he played their CDs a lot. They are a rap/rock, angst-filled group, and if you know me well, you know that I just sort of like that kind of thing! Anyway, so here he came up to me and told me that on their new CD, there was this great song called MY DECEMBER and I HAD to listen to it. He was right - I loved it!

So you can imagine how I felt when I heard that Josh Groban covered this song... I actually enjoy Josh's rendition better.

SONG ON MY MIND: Even though this song doesn't have anything to do with the seasons, this song always makes me think of Aaron. He prefers the cold of Winter, whereas I enjoy the warmth of Summer. However I do enjoy and prefer the crisp, cold weather of Autumn.

MY DECEMBER - Mike Shinoda of Linkin Park
This is my December...
This is my time of the year
This is my December...
This is all so clear

This is my December...
This is my snow-covered home
This is my December...
This is me alone

And I...
just wish that I didn't feel
like there was something I missed

And I...
Take back all the things I said
to make you feel like that

And I... give it all away
Just to have somewhere to go to
Give it all away...
To have someone to come home to

This is my December...
These are my snow-covered dreams
This is me pretending...
This is all I need

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Because Kristina loves his music...

My dear sister, Kristina-san, loves Josh Groban's beautiful voice, and I totally understand the power the music has over her. I think after all of these years, she may now possibly understand the powerfully intoxicating draw that certain music has had over me all of my life. Music has been a lifelong obsession for me.

So in honor to her, I am adding the lovely song she led me to tonight on this blog. Enjoy!

To hear his most recent song, click on the following link and then click on the picture of Josh -- You Are Loved (Don't Give Up)

Click here if you would like to order his new CD, which comes out November 7, 2006!

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

I'm not interested in his excuses...

EDITORIAL: After years of denying that he was a gay man and after sending inappropriate emails and IMs to teenage congressional pages, Former Republican Representative Mark Foley now states that he is gay and that he was molested by a member of his clergy when he was a teenager.

This and an alcohol addiction apparently explains his behavior. *shaking head* Why do I care that he has an explanation? Believe me I don't. He made a monster of a mistake, and other than the best thing he could have done: pray to God for strength to break out of his cycle of sin... he did the next best thing: resign from his position and hopefully start making amends. I sure don't know if he prayed or plans to make amends, but I hope he does.

Personally, I think he is rationalizing an excuse by claiming that he's an alcoholic, because he is hoping that people will sympathize with him and excuse his rotten behavior. I don't care who did what to him as a youngster; whatever "they" did does not justify what he did. He chose to drink. He chose to make sexual advances towards young, teenage boys. Everything is a choice.

In such a position of power, I am disgusted to read about Mark Foley's behavior, and it was also such a shock to hear of his hypocritical co-chair position for the missing and exploited children law. Sin comes in many colors, and its true colors are deceit.

Now I get to sit back and watch the liberals come out with their hypocritical stance. I don't care if he's a Republican or a Democrat. All adults should be held accountable when it comes to preying on our young.

Sacred Harp singing...

Well, tonight was the 2nd time I have ever participated in shaped-note a cappella singing, and it was amazing! We went to a house in St. Louis, which belongs to a husband and wife team who also sings a cappella. In the back of their home, they had built an awesome singing room... wood floors and vaulted wood ceiling. The music was bouncing everywhere, and the acoustics was perfect!

I brought my friend, Carolyn, and her daughters, Amber and Amy. She knew she was going to witness an a cappella group, but she didn't realize that she was going to participate in it! She just misunderstood me, but oh well... I think she and her daughters enjoyed it.

This is just one more thing to thank Sister Michelle. Thank you SO much for getting us all into this shaped-note singing! This has been just an amazing experience for me!

Here's a shaped-note song to click on and enjoy!

SONG ON MY MIND: Here's another song from Michael Tait. It's heartbreakingly sad, but it is also SO beautiful.

Half of you has been taken
The other half... is barely holding on
You set a course across the ocean
You had a dream...
And now it’s all but lost

But I want you to know...
I won’t let you go

Oh my heart... aches for you
Oh my heart... breaks for you
Oh my heart... bleeds for you
Whatever may come...
I’ll stand by you

Who you are is amazing
A precious soul... so beautifully made
It hurts to see your life fading
But Heaven knows every tear you’ve cried
Oh yeah...

My heart aches... for you
My heart breaks... for you
My heart bleeds

You are so amazing...
Keep the light from fading

Behind the Song:
"We’ve watched a lot of friends and family members go through absolutely horrific emotional experiences in their lives and this song is just a giant hand of love reaching out to hurting people and saying “You’re not alone. You will make it through this. I’m hurting and breaking for you inside my heart, and I’m here for you.” And God is present in your suffering even you can’t feel Him." - Michael Tait

Sunday, October 01, 2006

I have added music...

I hope this doesn't irritate folks here, but I have set this up so that you can (hopefully) enjoy feature songs that I have grown to love over the years. I promise to be nice and put only good things! The first song feature song is from Michael Tait called FALLEN.

My love for Michael Tait's music was borne from his involvement with a Christian rock group named DC Talk. I had only started listening to DC Talk because my youngest son's love for them. I wasn't a big fan, because I wasn't crazy about the song JESUS FREAK.

I remember years ago, Aaron would practically beg me to listen to these great songs with him; he would tell me that he KNEW I would like them... and he was SO RIGHT! The more I heard him play the music, the more I would just be singing out loud with it! Now both Michael's solo CDs and a big collection of DC Talk fills my favorites. They give me hours and hours of joy.

SONG ON MY MIND: Christian Contemporary song-writer, singer, Michael Tait... If I remember right, I believe this song was in honor of his sister, who had died of an illness.

She's a wreck...
fragile and scarred
Life is work and living is hard
She's tired of the pain... tired of the fix
She's tired of the games and the politics

She's running on empty
She wants an alternate ending

And she's falling...

She's falling in love with You
She's so hopeless...
She's hopelessly drawn to You

She can feel... the weight of the past
It drags her down, but she's fighting back
She wants to fly... far away from here
She wants a God that won't disappear

She's all out of chances
She is... looking for answers

The sun is on the rise...
New days coming
You see it in her eyes
She is running... head long into the Light
Let the new day... come

The sun is rising... in her eyes
Hold on, the day will come
Love is waiting... running to the Light
Hold on, the day will come

Behind the Song:
"There are a lot of young girls out there asking, “Do I matter?” This song is about a girl who lost her way and searched everywhere for something to give her life significance. After trying everything else she finds that there is a God who loves her." - Michael Tait